Thursday, November 18, 2010

"This is a school, not a corporation"

UF Rally Against Block Tuition 11.17.10
Photo by: Diana Moreno 

On the steps of Tigert Hall, a large group of students protested block tuition, which is most likely going to be a reality at the University of Florida come Fall 2011. 

After a UF administrator addressed the crowd, one kid screamed out, "this is a school, not a corporation!" and for some reason his words stuck with me... 

Some of the images I tweeted from the protest:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Seeing Ester and Murray

Grandpa Murray and I
Giulia Lewis Memorial Dinner

Giulia was an adventurous child. I remember when were ten-years-old, her grandparents took us to a church carnival. Giulia begged me to go on "The Zipper," which, if you've never heard of it, is the WORST carnival ride ever invented- a small cage... of death. I still to this day, get sick just looking at. Anyways, she convinced me to suck it up, and go on.

I remember trembling as the ride operator strapped us in. I looked over at Giulia and she was smiling from ear to ear, swinging her feet in excitement. As soon as the ride started, it took about five seconds for me to start screaming bloody murder. After two minutes of hell, the operator let me off. I ran to the back of the ferris wheel, and puked my brains out. The funny part about it was, Giulia was cracking up.... just laughing the entire time. 

This past weekend at Giulia's memorial dinner, her grandpa Murray started talking about that night at the carnival. I've blogged about Giulia's grandparents before, and keep in touch with them through letters and phone calls, but this past weekend was the first time I've seen them in seven years.

As much as we need to move on from tragedies that have touched our lives, we must not let time erase those memories that keep who, or what we've lost... alive.

I'm comforted to know that Giulia's grandparents can still hear her laughing behind the ferris wheel... because if I close my eyes, and go back to that night, I can too.

Ester and Murray 

Awkward Kristin

My friend Andi decided to advertise one of my most awkward moments on Facebook and YouTube. You would think a stunt like the one captured above was done on purpose--but as the girl in the Florida sweatshirt behind the printer, I, Kristin Giannas, can promise you... this was real life. I'm really just that awkward.

So on the day of the above video, I was in the basement of Weimer Hall, and had locked myself in a dark, cold, editing cave to work on a project for one of my TV classes. Judging by the fact that I look like the Crypt Keeper, I hadn't seen the light of day for some time.

Make a long story short, in my zombie-state I left the edit bay and moseyed over to the printer to pick up some papers. I remember staring into a bright light.... and it took me a few seconds to realize that light was atop a camera feeding a newsroom live segment INTO OU NEWSCAST! Once this all clicked, I had seconds to make a decision and, being so quick and smooth on my feet, I decided it was a good idea to, elevator-style, drop it like its hot behind the printer.

I'm jealous that David can blame the dentist.

Friday, November 5, 2010

15 C

I just boarded the plane that's taking me to New York for Giulia's memorial dinner, and I'm sitting in seat 15C.

Giulia was killed seven November 5th's ago.

She was 15.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm not a fan of the number 5.