Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cookie Dough

I was doing really great. I mean last night I ran to the stadium on campus, spent over an hour in there, sprinting up and down the stairs, end zone to end zone. Today I had the option of eating macaroni and cheese for lunch, and I went with salad, LEAVES over Betty's delicious macaroni and cheese. After lunch, an exam in Physical Geography. After exam, sprint to station. I was Entertainment Reporter tonight. The producer gives me the rundown...three slots to fill. One more than usual. Two packages and a VO on Sunday's Superbowl halftime show. Joaquin Phoenix, actor-turned rapper, was the lead in my Hollywood Minute. I was in the b-block. Great, I had all of the a-block to practice pronouncing, "Wa-keen Phoenix," "Wa-keen Phoenix," I must have said it 25 times.
We're live.
I read prompter, introducing my package, next thing you know...

Good one Kristin. Credibility out the window.
Before I start my Climatology homework, I open the fridge and
break out the cookie dough.
Three and half spoonfuls = 390 calories=2 laps around
the stadium.
It was worth it.

A professor of mine once said pursuing a career in television
increases ones chances of developing a substance abuse
Cookie dough could be dangerous...

Journalism isn't a job. Journalism is a calling. I was made
for this.
A job in broadcast journalism is my ultimate dream. News
is changing...
the business is not

what it used to be. One-man-band journalism is the norm.
In my
blog you'll read about my adventures reporting in Gainesville,
You'll be able to watch the

news packages I create and leave your opinions and critiques.
blog about everyday challenges, lessons learned, and my life,
as I chase a dream in a changing world.

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