Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When I was little, I wasn't allowed to do sports. My mother was convinced that I wasn't a "sports girl." So for years my mission was to prove her wrong. It wasn't long before I realized what so many can't stand to confess; mama was right.

Katie, her dad Joe, and I
Father Daughter Dance, 4th grade

I wasn't like the rest of the girls. I was an extremely under-developed pipsqueak, a liability for any team. In sixth grade, when my friends started shopping in juniors, fitting into double-zero's, I was still in kids. When the girls started wearing bras, I was waiting for "breast buds." You can imagine how hard it was for an awkward middle schooler growing up in Queens, going to school with kids not afraid to "tell it like it is." Thanks to my older brother, I was fortunate enough to have nicknames like cardboard, big head, (my head was the only thing that seemed to grow), and the infamous, "zoop-zoop," which, with the hand motions, meant flat on either side.

My sports career officially ended when I decided to try out for the softball team in seventh grade. Coming home with a missing tooth and black eye brought my mother close to a nervous breakdown, and me, closer to tap dancing and ballet.

Fast forward to 2010, I was asked by my coworker if I'd like to join TV20's team in the annual
company kickball game. You can imagine my excitement-it's been years since the seventh grade, when I hung my bat and retired from the sports world! I'm taller, stronger, and well, way COOLER, and the best part- someone wants me on their TEAM?!?

Here's the video I produced, highlighting the experience as a member of TV20's kickball team:

Eating brownies on the sidelines, (I told everyone they were protein brownies)

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