Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twitter and Terry Moran

Terry Moran interviewing President Barack Obama....

Terry Moran sitting in front of my desk.

The preacher that's putting Gainesville on the international stage with his Koran bonfire scheduled for September 11th, has brought ABC's Terry Moran to TV20. Named co-anchor of Nightline in 2005, Moran has chased stories around the world.

Before I left the station, I thought I'd interrupt Moran as he worked on his script to introduce myself, (I mean, when's the next time I'd be THIS close to Terry Moran?)

We started talking about the industry, where it's going, and what role social media is playing in it all.

Basically, Moran told me to TWEET.

The tweets that Moran said, put him on the map in the twitter world:

On board Air Force One. Pancakes, bacon and eggs on the menu. Twix and snickers for snacks. Music on AF1 includes: Jason Mraz, Goldfrapp, lots of J Legend, Rihanna, + Jeremy Pelt! AF1 lunch: baked potato topped w/ BBQ chicken, fudge brownie. Yum.

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