Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello again...

I haven't blogged in a year.

Why did I stop? No idea... it kind of just happened. I guess I could blame my friend Quan. He gave me a fancy leather journal and it seemed like a crime leaving it blank.

Random thoughts, overheard quotes, secrets, to-do lists, cartoons... the journal is now well worn, and believe it or not my second also has no vacancy. But before I can start a third, blogging has been laid back on my heart.

Today I produced a story on "layaway angels," people who are stopping in retail stores and asking to pay off the layaways of complete strangers.

Click here to see the story.

After the show I wrapped presents my friends and I gathered for two girls in High Springs. I met them when I interviewed their mother last month. They live on the other side of the tracks in the city's "poor" neighborhood. Great people, but just struggling like so many of us.

Whether or not you have a big family or lots of friends, there's always someone to give a gift to...and most of the time, it's not something you can wrap.

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