Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mic slip...

My mic slipped down my shirt on my run to the set this evening. Click here to see the aftermath of my shenanigans.


In other news, my good friend and former co-worker Robert Bradfield made a stop in Gainesville today. He's a reporter at WPSD Local 6, covering stories in southern Illinois.

Robert and I went to UF together. He was a year ahead, but I got to work with him at our school's TV station, WUFT, as well as on several ABC News on Campus projects.

Robert and I anchoring, 2008

It's crazy how time flies SO. FLIPPIN. FAST. I guess the lesson is: you don't have to run through life. It's not a race. There's no fire you need to get to. It's okay to stop sometimes, take a look around, and smile at what you see. You may even catch a mic issue in the process. If you don't, no biggie- at least you'll have something silly to blog about.

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