Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fluffernutter Friday

It's Friday.
Well I got out of work technically on Saturday a little after midnight, and decided to stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things, (all I have in my fridge is a Brita and a block of gouda cheese).

I just made myself a fluffernutter wheat wrap, (peanut butter and Fluff).
It was delicious.
I've been trolling my YouTube channel, specifically the latest two videos I posted, Girls' Racist Rant Goes Viral, and Racist Teens Ousted.

I'm in genuine disbelief at the comments people have been posting.
Do these people not get tired of HATING each other?

Hate is like metal chains cinching your heart.
You can't truly experience the joys of life when you're holding onto the wrongdoings of others.

You think the arguments you make hiding behind your computer justify your hate?
It takes STRENGTH to love those who are hardest to love.

Peace comes when you learn to accept what you can't change, and let go of the past.
Some things aren't up to us to fix.
All we can do is be a light in the sphere of influence that surrounds us.

The comments posted under my YouTube videos have reminded me of the dark world we're living in.
However, I'm encouraged.
My heart is free from the chains that bind others.
Hate is not crippling me, or holding me back from chasing my dreams.
The sky's the limit.

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  1. What kind of dark age could possibly feature so divine an invention as the fluffernutter? I ask you.