Friday, March 2, 2012

My Marines

Dinner Break 3.2.12

I wrapped up filming my package for the 11 earlier than expected and was able to take a dinner break!
I stopped at Publix, grabbed a cookie cake, and went over to the Clark's house.
Philip's brothers of the 1/6 marines were there.
The guys just got back from their second tour of Afghanistan.
It's crazy how time flies-- I met Nick, Hyun, Adam, and Roman about a year ago.

Clark BBQ 2011

I produced two music videos for the Clark family after covering Philip's death and memorial services in May of 2010.

I remember Nick telling me how much they meant to the guys when they were fighting overseas-- seeing how Philip was being honored here gave them strength.

Tomorrow the guys are heading up to Georgia to visit the family of another brother who was killed in October.
Their strength and love for one another is inspiring.

Click here to see my package from tonight.
I have some trouble saying "Thornebrook Village" in the tag...I blame it on the jet lagggg.
Happy Friday!

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