Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spider Scare

So I'm making my bed this morning, and I see a GIANT SPIDER creep from behind my curtains and proceed to shimmy across my wall.
I'm shocked, paralyzed with fear.
I run to the kitchen, grab a bottle of 409 and a frying pan.
The spider is now doing laps around my bedroom.
I wait for him to stop.
I muster up the courage, extend my arm, and start spraying.
Spider falls to the ground.
"Yes! Got em!"
I run to grab my vacuum, only to come back and see the spider dancing on my walls, stronger than ever!
This happens again-- I wait for him to stop moving, shield myself with the frying pan, spray, etc..
I start to panic.
I run outside in my pajamas, find an old man cleaning his car, and convince him to help.
The spider has now made his way to my living room.
The good samaritan grabs my swiffer, and the spider is dead within five minutes.

I'm a bit shaken by this spider incident.
I have a big fear of spiders, (my former co-workers at TV20 pulled this spider prank on me and I almost died).

I just called a spider expert in town, asking if I should be concerned.
-Did the thing lay eggs in my apartment?
- Should I set up spider traps?

Basically the woman said there's nothing you can do to prevent spiders from coming in your home, (there's no such thing as spider traps).

If you see them, you have to kill them right there.
They become a problem when it rains a lot, so make sure you  keep your doors closed!

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