Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Braille Champ

Photo:Claire Welch 

Today I had the opportunity to interview Ton Pham.
He's 10-years-old and goes to Princeton Elementary School in Orlando. 
Ton was born with glaucoma and has had eight surgeries over the years to try and improve his vision.
"I can't see, well, I can see a little bit but not tiny, small print,” he said.
Ton learned how to read and write Braille three years ago, and already he's a superstar.
He'll be competing in the Braille Challenge Finals on June 21-22 in Los Angeles, California.
"I will try to win but I think I'll do a great job there,” he said.
He'll be measured for his accuracy in spelling, reading, and proofreading Braille. 
Pham is selling chocolate "Braille bars" that spell out, "thank you"  to help raise money for the trip.
Before I left, he gave one to my intern Claire and I and wouldn't let us give him money!
"It's a gift," he told me and smiled.
Ton walks with a cane and also lives with a hearing impairment.
When you sit down with him, you can't help but smile.
Ton has so much joy and love for life, his spirit is infectious.
I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet such an amazing kid.
  Click here to see Ton's story.

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