Friday, July 5, 2013

"Thank God"

I let out a "Thank God" at our morning meeting, right after my assignment manager said I would be working with a photographer.
It was supposed to be an internal, say-it-to-myself, "Thank God" but it slipped out.
My fellow one-man-bands can relate- some days you're just wiped out.
Lugging around your camera and tripod, knee-driving yourself all over town while on the phone setting up your story, (praying that Siri doesn't get you lost, again), getting soaked by afternoon showers as you're trying to film your look live, and scrambling to find an outlet to plug in your dying laptop so you can write and edit your story before you miss's not a walk in the park.
If anyone tells you one-man-banding is easy, I ask that you repeat the following: "Kristin Giannas says you're a liar."
Yesterday I was reporting on the fireworks at Lake Eola for the 5, 6, 7, and 11 PM shows.
It was a lot of fun, (great place for people watching) but to say I'm tired today is an understatement.

So, Thank God I get to work with the talented James Gosselin (aka Goose).
We're heading to Daytona Beach for the Coke Zero 400.
See you on TV!

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