Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You sound like you're from London

As the Duchess of Cambridge was giving birth at St. Mary's Hospital in central London, I was running up and down International Drive in Orlando looking for British people to comment on the royal baby.

I-Drive is a BIG tourist destination and on any given day you will run into people from the UK.

Not on Monday.

My assignment didn't sound too complicated- go to I-drive and interview British people.

Imagine: crazy lady with a camera and mic, running up to random strangers asking, "are you from the UK?"

At one point, this kid wearing a blue shirt that said "BRITAIN" walks past me, I ask, "are you from the UK?" and he shakes his head no, and starts walking faster!

I kept thinking of the scene from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," when the surfing instructor says "you sound like you're from London!"

After almost an hour of rejection, I found three couples, (two from Scotland, one from England) to comment on the royal baby.

CBS: Prince William and Kate debut royal baby boy

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