Monday, October 14, 2013

Name Day


Name days are a big deal for most Greeks. 
According to the Orthodox Church, nearly every day of the year is dedicated to the memory of a Christian Saint or martyr. 
When someone is named after one of the saints, that day becomes their "name day" and is celebrated.
I celebrate with Saint Chryse, who is commemorated on October 13.

My friend Stavroula's mom surprised me with a tray of galaktobureko, my FAVORITE Greek desert, which I shared with family and friends after dinner.

My best friend Stavroula and I

Stavroula is one of the strongest people I know.
I met her several years ago through a mutual friend.
Without getting into too much detail, Stavroula is 22 and has had two heart transplants. 
This past summer she was in intensive care because of some complications. 
I went to see her on Memorial Day. 
The nurse caught us Greek dancing, (Stavroula was pulling her IV pole around as we did the Sousta).
What I'll never forget though, is seeing what Stavroula had placed behind her hospital bed.

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