Friday, November 22, 2013


I saw a picture of someone drinking green juice out of a mason jar and I thought to myself, "that looks healthy, I'll give it a try."

And so we begin Chapter One of my juicing fling. 

Here's how it started: for one week, after long days of news reporting, I would come home and google "juicing."

I read everything - from articles detailing the differences between cold press juicers and centrifugal juicers, to juicing recipes that promise to clear up acne, (I believe it was called "The Acne No More Juice"). 

After jamming my brain with everything "juicing," I started to map out a strategy. 

First, I needed to buy a juicer.

I realized there was no way I could get away with not spending at least 150 bucks. 

I contemplated dipping into my "Greece money jar" but realized I'm never going to see Mykonos this summer with that attitude. 
So I started asking around.

My thought was- I'll borrow a juicer from a friend for a week, see if I like it- and if all goes well,  I'll invest in my own.

My good friend Eirini entrusted me with her parents vintage "Juice Machine."

This brings me to Chapter Two. 

I made my first green juice on Sunday. 

For 30 minutes, I cut up kale, cucumbers, celery, lemon, green apples, and threw it all down the shoot.

It came out pretty good but the process did a number on my kitchen. 

You would have thought I was teaching a toddler how to finger paint with green pulp, using my counter top as a canvas.

I must have cleaned for an hour. 

That's when I realized you cant juice for just one glass. 

For all that time you spend cleaning up, you have to get a couple of drinks out of the deal.

This week I made a few juice cocktails.

They all were drinkable... for the most part.

I decided I'm going to invest in a juicer because I'm afraid I'm one kale leaf away from breaking my friend's juicer...and I guess I feel healthy drinking green stuff out of a mason jar every once in a while.

My "Edit Juice" 


  1. Welcome to the world of juicing Kristen! Glad you liked your first green juice. Experiment a little and let us know what becomes your favorite!