Friday, December 6, 2013

Mangia, mangia!

STORY OF THE WEEK (and not because I got to stuff my face with Italian bread).

On Wednesday I drove out to Ocala and one-man-banded a story about an Italian bakery that has bounced back after multiple disasters.

As soon as I walked into Magnolia Bakery, the aroma of fresh bread comforted my soul and I felt like I was at home.

I interviewed owner Linda Castello, (her husband Sal comes in during the middle of the night to bake the bread).

Linda showed me around the bakery and introduced me to her father-in-law, Grandpa Michele (pronounced "Miguel").

He's straight off the boat from Italy.

He kept pinching my cheek and kissing my forehead.

After I told him that I'm half Italian he said, "youa looka Italian!" (That's the only thing I understood).

Ocala bakery thrives after multiple disasters

Grandpa Michele gave me loaves of bread to take home to my mother. 

I smiled and said I'd be coming back so he could teach me how to speak Italian.

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