Monday, May 12, 2014


This post needs to start with a Mrs. Doubtfire "helloooooo" because I haven't been on here in awhile.
I really love blogging, and rambling about whatever is on my mind, (whether or not anyone reads) but the news has been keeping me busy. 
I had the opportunity to fill-in on the anchor desk this past Saturday. 
Here's a clip from the show. 
I drove to my parent's house on Sunday to spend Mother's Day with the family. 
Cosmo (my dad) made a delicious lobster tail dinner and we finished it off with some cheesecake.
It was lovely.
I'll end with some old school pics of my mom and I, and a video I produced for her a few years ago on her birthday. 
She's a beautiful woman- inside and out, and I am so very grateful for her.

My mom Melissa and I after my baptism :) 

Click on picture :) 

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  1. No doubt fire burns in your soul for the truth which you tell so well. I may not read your blog all the time, or in a timely manner, but when I do read it, I am impressed. You mirror your mother - beautiful inside & out.