Wednesday, May 3, 2017


In television news broadcasting- social media is KING.
In addition to our on-air performance, we're asked to increase Facebook followers, post around-the-clock, get more "likes" on our pictures...
Once a week, my sweet escape was a 30 minute drive down the 417...
Pulling up to a humble house on Drayton Court, where my friend Ana's infectious smile would greet me at the door as water boiled for tea.
We'd sit on the couch, recap the weekend, talk about life, eat some apple pie, pray...
Oh what I'd give to see her again.
To hug her.
To hear her say, "hey girl" in her Romanian accent.
Ana gave me so much strength, so much hope... she inspired me to keep believing.
What they say is true, "you don't know what you got till it's gone."
I had a true friend.
She didn't care what was popular, she told me what I needed to hear.
Ana was always there- despite the painful battle she was fighting...
I pray everyone gets to experience a friendship like ours.
When you do- cherish every moment.
In the age where a steady flow of information is constantly at our fingertips, new pictures to "like", videos to watch.. it's easy to forget- life is short.

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